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Aug 6, 2015

Hey there

Hey there,

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Rachael Jones
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Dec 19, 2010

My last post...

The site domain is up for renewal but I don't have time or patience to keep it going... Gonna see if I can sell it. 

If anyone is interested shoot me an email.

Oct 4, 2010

Let's do this!

Okay, here we go. I was back in the gym Friday after a few months off
from moving, and getting settled into a new life. I still have a
crazy work schedule but now I only live 2 miles from work (instead of
45) making up for any differences.

We joined a local Bailey's gym and so far have been impressed. Friday
was my first day back and boy was it a workout. I ended up having
massive calf and shin cramps (to the point where I can still barely
walk 3 days later) and to top it all off I puked in the locker room.

I will be back today though puke or no. I am ready to hit my 100 pound
goal and the year's end is quickly approaching. I have about 35 pounds
to lose in 3 months. No worries, I got this.


Aaron Patterson

Jul 20, 2010

The Weekend

We went to visit some friends this past weekend in St. Pete and had an amazing time.  It was a time to enjoy my self and let loose a little without the kids and have some fun. 

I was conscience of my food intake but never really worried about it.  This is one of the keys to being able to actually maintain a weight loss/lifestyle plan.  You have to be willing to let yourself have some fun and a few of those great foods/drinks or you will crash and burn.  Believe me.  Tyler over at 344pounds.com has a similar philosophy, although he is now pursuing a muscle building regiment that really doesn't allow for the mulligan meals (as I like to call them)...  

A couple of the things I tried to do while enjoying the weekend was drink plenty of extra water, order the smaller portions of meals (like no fries with the AWESOME burger at The Tradewind's - Piper's Patio) to be able to enjoy the food but keep the calories in relative harmony. 

We did a pub crawl up the beach so you know pub food isn't that great, but there are alternatives if you keep your eyes open...

Have a fantastic day!

Aaron Patterson

Jul 15, 2010

I just cannot get adjusted!

Man, I have hit the gym a few times in the past week but the one in my complex is total junk so it's out.  

My office has a gym but it's small and crowded.  

Do I start a new membership?  I might have to, but I hate paying.  

My last weight in on Tuesday was 232 which I call maintaining.  So that is why I haven't been posting.  That and work is extremely demanding right now. Ho-hum, excuses...  Story of my life.  

I tell you, moving from a small town to the active/trendy side of Jacksonville has been really interesting and time consuming.  

Back to work!

Aaron Patterson

Sitting At Work

I sit ALL FREAKING DAY at work.  I have now shaved 2 hours from my commute each day, which is awesome, but still...  Right now I am required to work a minimum of 50 hours a week and they push for 60.  Great money now but it will all be devoured by the multiple heart attacks later on!

"Your after work exercise isn't enough to counteract an entire day spent sitting at the office as far as your body is concerned. Incorporate micro-bursts of activity throughout your day to counter the effects of extended sitting."

"Men who spent more than 23 hours a week watching TV and sitting in their cars (as passengers or as drivers) had a 64 percent greater chance of dying from heart disease than those who sat for 11 hours a week or less."

Holy crap. I guess it's time to run the stairs instead of pooping on my breaks... 

Aaron Patterson

Jun 7, 2010

Sleep and Sleep Apnea

I have talked about my sleep issues before (In The Beginning - Sleep Apnea) and I wanted to give a follow up.  Sleep Apnea (SA) is a major disorder affecting tens of thousands in the US alone, with the potential to kill in more ways than one.  What is the major cause of this epidemic?  Well guess what, obesity.  Perhaps this is why you see just about every person on the Biggest Loser using a C-PAP machine at night... There are tons of studies and most can be found through this resource sleepapnea.org - Research but one that really struck home with me was Cardiovascular consequences of obese and nonobese obstructive sleep apnea.  Essentially the risk of Cardiovascular Consequences (i.e. heart attack) in increased greatly with the addition of SA. 
Now there is definitely a corollary between being obese and having SA but not always.  What they do know is an obese person is extremely more likely to have SA than an average weight person.  Also some research shows that SA can cause additional weight gain, just like not getting enough sleep in general can do, the question now is what comes first?  The weight or the SA?  Here's a good one talking about just that: Abdominal fat and sleep apnea: the chicken or the egg?
On a side note we actually knew someone who died as a result of SA without ever being diagnosed or treated... Very sad and he was only in his late 30's and had young children.  His wife woke up next to a dead husband...
Now that I have the preliminaries out of the way and you realise how serious this can be I want to give a status update on myself.  At around the 45 lbs mark I tried an experiment, I went a few nights without my C-PAP to see how I slept and behold the Lord said it was AWESOME.  I hadn't had a sound nights sleep like that in years. While the C-PAP will get me through a night it was always annoying and caused me to wake up several times a night, but I always felt better the next day.  Now, I haven't used my machine is a couple of months and I am going strong.  Once I hit my 100 goal I am going to have my sleep study re-done just to make sure I am okay, but I can tell you from the way I feel, I have one more monkey off my back.
PLEASE, PLEASE if you think you or someone you love may have this disorder take a quick online test to see how you rank, Do you think you have sleep apnea? or talk to your doctor (do BOTH!).  I don't want to see others suffer like I did...

Jun 6, 2010

Week 21 Weigh In

Starting back to my official weekly weigh ins...  Been a long transition but I nice break.  

As of this morning I weighed in at 233.8 lbs for an additional loss of 3 pounds.  I need to get an electronic key card for our gym, one of the main reasons I havn't made it in there yet, but that means I have to go to the HOA office during business hours, blah, blah, blah...
I'm still pleased with the 3 pounds, after what we've gone through with the move and trying to cook in a new house again, I'm surprized I haven't gained!  Well, let's get this party started!!

233.8 lbs 6/06/10
236.1 lbs 5/09/10
241.3 lbs 4/30/10
246.2 lbs 4/17/10
249.0 lbs 4/11/10
255.2 lbs 4/04/10
256.1 lbs 3/28/10
261.1 lbs 3/21/10
263.2 lbs 3/07/10
269.0 lbs 2/21/10
275.0 lbs 2/06/10

May 25, 2010

20 Worst Drinks in America 2010

I've posted these lists before from Men's Health but I really like this one because it gives you something to look at as a comparison.  It really makes you think when you see half a cherry pie next to a bottle of green tea...

May 21, 2010

Wow - Busy...

We've moved!  So we ate out a lot and I was still able to maintain my 236.  Still haven't made it back to the gym though...
I'll post more when I have a real internet connection (stupid Comcast).


May 12, 2010


Okay, so we are moving on Friday and I have been to the gym about 3 times in the past week and a half.  I don't forsee any more this week and I can really feel it...  But come Monday I am back into the full swing of things!  My office has a gym (small but free) as well as our condo complex so I have a couple of options.  Best part is BOTH are closer than the one we use now! 
Probably won't get to post a weigh in for this week until late Sunday or Monday... 
Have a great week! 

May 9, 2010

Week 17 Weigh In

60 feels great! I have past 60 pounds in my goal and still feeling strong! The last couple of weeks have been CRAZY but hopefully only one week of total confusion left then just minor stuff for a while. We are moving Friday (finally!) and the condo we found has it's own gym and is about a mile from work.  So long 80 miles of driving a day!  I've only been doing it for 10 years...  Work is really pushing us right now wanting 60+ hours a week and that extra 2 hours of drive time was about to kill me.  On Friday I left my house at 7:30 and got home at 9:45.  That stinks. Trying going to the gym after that!  Not to mention with the worlds mos precious little girls who waited up for you screaming for a Daddy bed time story... Not enough hours in the day...  Any way life is good.  We're together, and it's time to start another chapter for the Patterson Clan Family Saga (I wonder if they'll make a movie out of it...).

236.1 lbs 5/09/10
241.3 lbs 4/30/10
246.2 lbs 4/17/10
249.0 lbs 4/11/10
255.2 lbs 4/04/10
256.1 lbs 3/28/10
261.1 lbs 3/21/10 

263.2 lbs 3/07/10
269.0 lbs 2/21/10
275.0 lbs 2/06/10
Aaron Patterson